Outreach 2024: Making a Difference Together

Cathie’s House – a place where homeless people can find shelter, a bed and warmth 24/7

Ronald McDonald House – a place where families who have children with terminal illnesses can get food, and shelter in proximity to the hospital where their child is.

Missionary Work – in-country work of the spreading of the gospel

Adopt-A School – we adopt a school during the holiday season and give them toiletries, home goods, coats, food, and prayer, if requested

And more!

Moments from our last outreach!

Ways to Serve

Stay connected for exciting outreach possibilities in 2024! As we gear up to make a difference, your involvement matters. One impactful way to support our outreach initiatives is by contributing to our dedicated outreach fund.

Your generous donations will directly fuel our efforts to create meaningful change in communities and provide essential aid to those in need. Join us in making a positive impact and watch for upcoming opportunities to get involved!