As a church or ministry leader, your heart beats to further God’s Kingdom and touch lives with the gospel.

You envision a vibrant team where everyone harmonizes seamlessly, using their unique gifts to echo the heart and vision of your organization.

However, crafting a cohesive team culture that aligns with your church’s goals is a job within itself. Clear and consistent communication of your vision, values, and expectations to both current and prospective team members is essential but can often distract you from fulfilling your own duties.

Finding the right individuals who are not only skilled but also resonate with your organization’s heart can feel overwhelming.

But for your church or ministry to fulfill its mission, each team member must embrace their role in the Body of Christ.

That’s why our agency exists. We’re here to guide you in building your music and creative teams.

Our Purpose is to Support Your Purpose

At Worship in My City, we are dedicated to helping you build a thriving community that attracts talented individuals who share your church’s heart and vision. We specialize in creative branding for churches and ministries, passionately supporting you in achieving your unique mission.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Here’s how we help:

  • Nurture a Core Value System: We help develop a value system that authentically reflects your vision and mission, laying a strong foundation for all activities.
  • Cultivate a Unified Team Culture: Our team culture guide will help you create an environment where every member feels aligned, inspired, and motivated.
  • Empower Your Leaders: Through comprehensive training, we equip your leaders with the skills they need to manage teams effectively.
  • Foster Clear Communication: We ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated, eliminating inconsistencies and inefficiencies.
  • Recruit with Heart: We focus on bringing in talented individuals who share your church’s heart and vision. We handle every detail—from creating role descriptions to searching, interviewing, and filling positions.

Our expertise in branding for churches ensures that your message is consistently and beautifully conveyed. We believe your ministry has been called to impact your community in a unique way, and we’re here to support you in that vision.

Relax and let us handle the details. This allows you the freedom to focus on your role, confident that your team is aligned, motivated, and ready to impact.

Join us, and let’s build a flourishing, inspired team together.

Our Services

Build dynamic music teams that resonate with your church’s vision. Through our creative approach, we provide organizational leadership, skills-based training, leadership development, communication strategy, and role creation—all guided by the unique heartbeat of your ministry.

Gain vibrant support for your creative teams. With our expertise in branding for churches, we ensure your creative teams thrive through our tailored organizational leadership, skills-based training, leadership development, communication strategy, and role creation, perfectly aligned with your overall vision.

For your special events, summits, or conferences, we handle everything with a charismatic touch. From staging to green room setup and platform communication, we provide direction and support to ensure a seamless, inspiring experience.

Transform your lead pastor’s or ministry leader’s vision into actionable steps. We use your current resources or suggest new ones to bring your vision to life. Our creative direction covers everything from weekly services to large summits, crafting every detail from mood boards to execution.

Your Booking Process

  1. Book a discovery call: Let’s start with a friendly chat.
  2. Receive a proposal: Our team will craft a tailored plan for you.
  3. Move forward with your booking: We’ll take it from there, creating something extraordinary together.

At Worship in My City, we believe in the power of branding for churches to build vibrant, welcoming communities. Let’s embark on this journey together and watch your ministry flourish.

meet our agency lead

Hey friend!

Hey friend!

I’m Danielle Nicole Johnson, a worship artist, creative director, and community cultivator from South Jamaica Queens, NY. My mission is to create spaces filled with clarity, compassion, and excellence, where every individual is recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated.

My team and I are here to journey with you, prioritizing “people care” and embracing servant leadership in your life and organization.

I hold a certification in organizational leadership from the Advance Leadership Intensive and a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Five Towns College. Over the years, I’ve led creative and music departments in churches, non-profits, and various organizations, contributing to events, services, and productions on local, national, and international stages. I’ve also served as a Music Director for over five years.

Together with our agency team, we bring more than 20 years of collective experience, and we can’t wait to serve your organization and help it flourish!